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Art Is My Yoga has been more than 15 years in the making…maybe close to 20 if you include the years between ages 11 and 14 when I began keeping a sketch pad close by at all times. I started as most children do, doodling on my the walls of my childhood home. A red Crayola scribble here, an orange marking there – little bright surprises of color for my mother to find and, without question, scrub clean! Starting at age 14, I received studio art training from Mr. Thomas P. Curtis (one of the best if you ask me :-)). I tried various mediums, but felt most comfortable with graphite, charcoal, pastels, and oil-based paints. While I am FAR from a pro, I refined my techniques and eventually found my style.

Art was like religion throughout highschool, I practiced daily, but college offered other extracurricular activities so I didn’t make as much time for art. I picked up a pencil when I felt the urge or got inspired, but it was sporadic.  I did, however, find the time to explore yoga – needless to say, I was hooked.  Maybe, since I wasn’t connecting to my inner self nor my surroundings through art, yoga was the perfect substitute.  It somehow served the same purpose for me – a spiritual and physical connection.  Anywho, over the past 11 years, I’ve practiced various types of yoga, but enjoy Vinyasa flow the most, specifically Baptiste. But, most any form will do.

As I’ve gotten more consistent with my yoga practice over the past few years, the pull to create on paper and canvas has become stronger.  I’m far from a pro, but as I practice in yoga, I decided not to fight it.  AND, I decided to keep a log of that here.  You’ll find new pieces, pieces-in-the-making, and various notes about my (amateur) life as a yogi.

Yoga is life, life is art, art is my yoga.