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Wine-Oh! (Hard Pastels)

Monochromatic Petals (Colored Pencils)

I lived in my current apartment for MONTHS before I placed any art on the walls. Visiting friends who knew that I painted/sketched wondered how an artist could live with blank walls. Easily, I’d tell them.

Because I visit art galleries every chance I get, and view hundreds of amazing works of art, its difficult for me to choose just a few pieces to buy and display in my living space. Should I go with the modern piece with bold colors? Or do I choose something a bit more calm and classic? That’s a tough choice! So, I didn’t choose.  I went months without thinking about it, getting my ‘art fix’ by frequenting various exhibits in the area.

But one fateful morning late last year, I decided that I could not wake up again to blank walls.  That afternoon, I bought a set of colored pencils, pastel sticks, and acrylic paint – all in some shade of red, orange, and brown.  After about three hours of focused creativity, I was able to hang on my walls the six images in this post. Not perfect, but let’s be honest, three hours ain’t that much time  🙂

The following four peices (Red Sun Seies, Acrylic) are placed side-by-side on a long wall.