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I created this piece about a week ago.  My editor and VP of operations (smile, ladies) keep reminding me to create some sort of “logo.” Whaddya think? Is the lotus flower too predictable? Maybe I’ll try again in a few days.

Anyway, last week was very busy and slightly stressful. On Monday evening, I decided to skip all of my after-work activities, including yoga.  My plan was to relax by grabbing a yummy cupcake on my way home, laying on the sofa, and indulging in reality television shows on BRAVO and VH1.

As it turned out, that was exactly what I didn’t need. Throughout the evening, I kept glancing at my “logo,” like it was calling me to get off the sofa and practice my shoulder stands. By 11pm that night, I felt unaccomplished and went to bed feeling quite restless.

The next day, however, was different. After skipping class on Monday evening, I was determined to make it out of the office on Tuesday in time to try the intermediate level class at Yoga District in Dupont, and reinvigorate my spirit. I arrived at the studio early enough to change into my fav lululemon Power Tank, lay on my mat, and unwind. When the teacher asked everyone at the start of class to set an intention for the evening’s practice, I decided to focus on letting go – letting go of last week’s craziness, letting go of the stress at work, letting go of the junk.

I must admit, it took a few breaths and few poses before I truly freed my mind, but I got there. And once class was over, I stood up, leaned slightly over my mat, and saw a sweaty imprint of my entire body – right there, on my yoga mat.


I’ve practiced at several different studios with several different yoga instructors, and almost all of them encourage the class to “leave it all on the mat.” They encourage everyone to let go of their worries and anxieties, and focus on the intention of the day’s practice. Tuesday evening, during class, I did just that. I left it all on the mat. All of the craziness, all of the stress, all of the junk, and it was exactly what I needed – not a cupcake and not BRAVO’s Andy Cohen.

Namaste, indeed.

Another piece that I did just for fun.

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