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Girl Undone

I’m not sure whether I shared this, and since I’ve posted such a wide variety of my artwork on this blog, it might be difficult for you to notice. Nonetheless, I am a Carbon, Charcoal, and Graphite Pencil artist. I always have been, and I always will be. Consequently, my artistic process always begins with a Pencil (I’ll get into this a bit more in the future, so stay tuned).

Even though I always arrange my artwork with a pencil first, I’m never exactly sure how the final piece will turn out. Will the above portrait be an exploration of light and shading, or will it highlight details such as the eyelashes? Will the attached abstract piece focus on free-flowing shapes, or will it focus more on precise lines? I am comfortable with this level of uncertainty, and I welcome the organic, creative process.  I’m never concerned with erasing and starting over, or wasting my materials, or whether I will ultimately like the final product. I accept that they are works in progress, and I just let it happen.

I let art happen.


Recently, I began to make a wholehearted attempt to apply this attitude to my yoga practice. In my efforts to continually challenge myself with new poses and more focused meditation, I attended advanced level classes for two weeks. You know, the classes where obnoxiously limber and acrobatic yogis easily flow in and out of insane arm balances and don’t-try-this-at-home headstands. Well, I approached these classes with enthusiasm.

And, because I flow in and out of most intermediate level poses with ease and poise, the classes were very rewarding – until it was time for headstands. I do not easily flow from any pose into a headstand. While I am physically strong enough to balance on my shoulders and lift my legs toward the sky, mentally I hesitate – I am afraid of potential injury, I am afraid that I will fall, and I am afraid that I’ll look plain silly!

However, despite my fears, I courageously kicked my legs toward the sky many, many times during the classes. And many, many times I lost my balance. And even though I didn’t quite master headstands, I kept trying. Just like I allow art to happen, I let yoga happen and they’re both works in progress.

Maze Undone

Eventually, works in progress reach their full potential…

Lighten Up (Graphite pencil)