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A few weeks ago, I headed to Martha’s Vineyard with some friends to get a break from DC and to enjoy beach weather before Labor Day. It was a great vacation – we biked around the island, took morning jogs along the beaches, enjoyed the boat in the afternoon, and best of all, indulged in yummy lobster rolls.

Below you will find three pastel sketches that I created while on the Vineyard. **I tweeted the sketches immediately after I completed them and I ended up being followed by the ‘Martha’s Vineyard Tweets” account. Go figure.** Once I got back to DC, I created three additional semi-abstract paintings that were inspired by the sketches. The artwork reflects a few images that I found striking – the beaches, the harbors, the boats, the sunsets. Not much of a story here, just art. Because, sometimes…your art does, in fact, speak for itself. Enjoy.

Blue Grass (Pastels)

Blue Grass II (Acrylic)

Sail On (Pastels)

Sail On II (Acrylic)

The Martha's Vineyard Series - Sunset Chapel (Pastels)

The Martha's Vineyard Series - Sunset Chapel II (Acrylic)