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I really enjoy the fall. The tops of the trees become a rainbow of earthy colors. The temperature is perfect for big chunky sweaters and scarves, but not yet so cold that you need a full snowsuit. And it’s the best time of year for hot cider and mulled wine. The morning air is brisk, the sun rises a bit later and sets a bit earlier, and, eventually, the leaves fall from the trees leaving the bark exposed.

I like that the most – the bare tree bark (as well as all of the naked trees draped in twinkling white lights). It’s amazing to see the countless tree branches, all shapes and lengths, that grow out of the trunk and the infinite number of twigs that grow out of those branches. There’s beauty in the way that the branches and twigs stretch up and out, and twist and turn, and lately I’ve spent several hours attempting to capture that beauty. Two pieces from a new series titled “Exposed”. I’ll get around to posting more from this series soon. Tip – view these pieces while sipping on something hot, it will enhance your enjoyment.

Exposed Series - Bare Birch (Acrylic)

Exposed Series - Aqua Blossoms (Acrylic)