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According to certain principles of feng shui, the energy of birds brings lightness and inspiration to any space. In yoga, there are several bird poses – eagle, crane, crow, peacock, one-legged king pigeon (oh, that’s a good one), bird of paradise – that require steadiness of mind, balance, openness.

Each bird has its own distinctive qualities, symbolizing resilience and transformation, abundance and good luck, or love and commitment. No matter the type, there is an undeniable sense of freedom and grace evoked by birds in flight, awakening the possibility of new opportunities.

I’ve been told by a few people who know me well that I am am like a bird. There are several ways that can be interpreted, and I know which interpretation best suits me 🙂

Among other things, I am most inspired by the beauty and complexity of colorful birds, and my attempt at capturing both their beauty and complexity is found in this gallery. There is no play on light or shadows here, just colorful birds on colorful paper. Enjoy.

(blue)Bird (Hard Pastels)

(red)Bird (Hard Pastels)

(green)Bird (Hard Pastels)

(colorful)Bird - Otherwise known as a parrot (Hard Pastels)