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Someone recently said to me “You seem like a very peaceful person.” It surprised me a bit; and I wasn’t sure how to respond. So, I smiled and asked “What do you mean?” They went on to explain that most times I seem to be at ease, tranquil, and that I have calm demeanor. “You seem to just be at peace!”


Lately, my life has been everything but peaceful. The past two months were that crazy time of year at my day job – many high-stress meetings with high-stress individuals. I’m still settling into my new place, each day reminding myself to order that wooden drafting table. I have several travel plans to make – some for work, some personal – and those that know me well, know that I am far from a “planner.” I am working on a major art project for a local yoga studio, and I have a gallery showing soon. And on a more personal level, my life recently has served up several teachable moments. Peaceful, you say?

I recognize the above list might overwhelm most people. I must admit, it was a bit exhausting typing it all. However, I enjoy juggling multiple things and seeing it all come together in the end. And it always comes together in the end. And it’s always amazing when it does.

I believe it is this perspective on life and the many challenges that are thrown my way that allows me to consistently display such a tranquil attitude. I don’t constantly have peaceful thoughts, or repeat soothing mantras to myself. I also don’t immediately employ yoga breathing, or pranayama, whenever things get a bit tough. My peace comes from within, and it’s authentic. There always is something deep inside of me reminding me that it will all work out. Somehow, some way.

And when it’s a little hard for me to believe, I turn to my sketch pad or sit on my yoga mat – my tranquil spaces. Or, I stare at these two pieces…Enjoy.

Tranquil Space - Cliffs (Oil)

Tranquil Space - Powder (Oil)