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Yoga at the Milwaukee Art Museum! View of Lake Michigan

I love being in, on, or near water. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI about 2 miles west of Lake Michigan and I now live in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood of Washington, DC. Swimming, boating, stand-up paddle boarding (my new obsession) – all of it, I love. Water is where I find refuge, peace, clarity. And with the weather warming up, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying it. A lot.

After spending about 10 days in May near Lake Michigan, I developed a beautiful, flowy sequence that was inspired by the following words I jotted down after meditating on the beach:

expansion freedom horizon blue endless possibility hope reach light bend fold open collapse renew birth float depth glide rest sway push

Maybe you read these word a few more times. Maybe you read them slowly. Maybe now you close your eyes.

A few pics follow that were taken with my phone while out on the water in Chicago. Enjoy.