About Malena B.

about Malena B.

I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I spent most of my summers on/near Lake Michigan and other smaller bodies of water in the state while vacationing with friends and family. I love to play in the snow – snowboarding, sledding, snow-ball slinging – and enjoy ice-skating any time of the year (what can I say, I’m from the North). I’ve lived in the DC metro area since 2003, so this Midwestern girl is quickly becoming an inside-the-beltway girl 😉 I’m an alumna of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the George Washington University. Oh, and I like math.

her Art

her Yoga

her Food & Wine

I’m not too big on meat, and not too big on dairy. I have a love affair with my juicer, and all things cucumber-infused. I also make my own Kombucha – I now get just the right amount of fizzy-ness 🙂 I absolutely love trying new restaurants, and there is always something new popping up around town!  I am a wine enthusiast and jump at any chance to visit a vineyard/winery.  I have a built-in wine rack above my fridge and it’s never empty…Wine Festival, anyone??

and the Environment she lives in…

My favorite grocery store is My Organic Market (MOM’s) – it’s 100% wind-powered so that’s an added bonusI love the idea of supporting local farmers, so in the spring and summer months I frequent the local farmers markets.  The baked goods sold there (sweet and savory) are always delicious. I would love to start gardening, so I think I’ll start soon with herbs – seems simple enough. Farm to table, right? Well, more like pot-on-my-balcony to table, but you get the idea.


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