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Not only for giving me life! but for saving all of the my art stuffs – the good and the not-so-good. Also for taking the time to send digital images to me. Both my mom and dad encouraged my creativity as a child, and now I am forcing all of you (thanks for visiting!) to scroll through most of what I created. I was an early teen when I created almost all of the following pieces. My bestie has a few that I did in college, and if I get my hands on them, I’ll post images. Hope you enjoy!

The following two pieces (the first done with hard pastels, the second a pencil sketch) were two of the very first pieces that I did.  I was soooo proud of Boy With Bow, especially the purple treatment of his hair. I thought that was the business!

Butterfly (Oil) was done in my early, early teens as well. I don’t know why I decided to paint butterflies, but the background is what’s cool about the one below

Jeweled Spidey (Oil) – I must’ve been on an insect thing…The following image is large so you can see that I placed JEWELS on the flower. See it? WHY DID I PLACE JEWELS ON THE FLOWER! 😐 Nonetheless, one of the better backgrounds is here

The following piece was inspired by French Post-Impressionist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s “Monsieur Boileau au Cafe” He is one of my favorite artists. Love his work. If you’re not familiar, look him up, learn sumthin’

One of my very first Oil paintings of a landscape…and, in true form, it included trees and mountains

I think the following piece was my second landscape piece in Oil

Another in Oil – painting the reflection was fun

Oil painting…having fun with a painting knife to give it texture. Once the oil paint dried, the piece below felt really cool

OK, I’ve never been very good with Watercolor. If I wore hats, I’d take one off to all those artists out there who create amazing pieces using it. I can list several reasons why painting with watercolor makes me nervous and keeps me up at night, but, apparently, I did a few pieces using watercolor when I was a teen. It’s not my medium of choice, but I might pick it up again for the challenge (three pieces to follow)

The horse below is horrible, really. The anatomy is ALL wrong, but I am posting it because it’s absolutely hilarious – did I sign it twice, in two different ways??? I crack up every time I look at it

One of my first pieces in Pastels…not too great, but kinda pretty